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Hi. Our names are Jean and Robert Suddarth. We are a husband and wife team and we believe that photography in Lubbock should be fun… whether you are behind the camera or in front of the camera!

Lubbock Photography has been our passion all our lives and we’ve devoted our lives to mastering our craft. But the most rewarding part of it all is knowing we’ve brought a smile to thousands of faces and provided people with something they can cherish for generations to come.

Just about anybody can take pretty pictures today but not everybody knows and understands all of those “little things” that make the difference between a picture and a masterpiece. So, if your family is as important to you as our family is to us, why not let us show you what we can do for you. We’re all about people helping people.

  • FAA certified drone pilots
  • Fully insured
  • Professional quality drone media & data production
  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective service
  • Data security
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


We have successfully conducted many drone missions to date helping clients succeed and reduce operational costs.

Years of Drone Industry Experience

We have years of drone industry experience and expertise that can help you improve your operational efficiency.


We ensure that you get all of the media, data and deliverables that you need as quickly as possible so that you can get faster results.

Service You Can Count On

We know how important it is to get projects completed on or ahead of schedule, so we work to ensure all of our services and deliverables and conducted professionally and on schedule.


We have provided high-quality work to all of our clients, improving their operational efficiency and ensuring success.

Respected Quality of Work & Expertise

We have provided high-quality drone services to hundreds of successful clients exceeding their drone service needs so they can meet their goals.

Drones Will Change Everything

The physical world comprises a massive and virtually unexplored geo-spatial data set. Drones are making it possible to capture and analyze this information at scale for the first time, presenting the opportunity for thousands of disruptive applications across virtually every industry. Companies using our services are reaping the benefits of completing core operational requirements faster, safer, and with increased accuracy, even while the full value of drones is yet to be realized.

What Our Clients Say

We can now measure and communicate weekly progress across our construction sites with ease. The service is always extremely fast and the data is detailed and accurate. – Ben Torter, Site Superintendent, Alco Builders

Ben Torter, Site Superintendent, Ace Builders

I love the construction progress updates that we receive on the projects that we are funding. I feel like I am on the job site from my desk with the interactive 3D models and orthomosaic maps. We have reduced our risk and we can now better control the release of funds as we verify each project’s progress in achieving milestones. – Arthur Levy, VP of Commercial Lending, First United Bank

Arthur Levy, VP of Commercial Lending, First United Bank

We’ve seen a 4x increase in views on our real estate listings that utilize the aerial photography and video. We’ve also cut our average closing time in half! – Rachel Dubson, Real Estate Agent, Dubson Realty

Rachel Dubson, Real Estate Agent, Clark Realty

I have found this to be a new invaluable service within my industry. I am now able to streamline our crop production thanks to the NDVI field mapping showing me where the problematic areas of the field are. – Gary Senter, Del Ray Foods

Gary Senter, Del Ray Foods

Our Drone Business

Robert Suddarth is an FAA approved aerial photography, data & multimedia services provider. We think drones are an integral part of the future of knowledge and productivity. We provide great quality images and video to help you market your project or document your progress efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

Our services include a variety of options. From real estate to agriculture, we have experience providing aerial photography and video to help capture and market your project.

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