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  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective service

  • Ultra high-resolution imagery

  • Ultra high-resolution 4K video

  • High-resolution interactive 3D models

  • Receive files within 2 days after flight

  • Files securely hosted

  • Easy to download & share securely

  • Entire wind farms can be monitored

  • Professional quality service & data

  • FAA certified drone pilots

  • Fully insured

  • Full service & operating year-round

  • Free rescheduling for inclement weather

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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We take pride in providing our clients with award-winning service and support.

“We’ve been able to monitor the condition of our wind turbines quicker and more safely than before by using drones since we no longer need to use traditional, more risky means of inspecting our wind turbine blades with human inspectors.”

Vanessa Bridger, Clean Energy Engineer, Eveready Energy

“We’ve saved a significant amount of money utilizing these services to monitor the condition of our solar panels at our solar farms thanks to the increased efficiency the drones provide in pinpointing faulty panels.”

Brent Thomas, VP of Operations, Spectar Energy

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can quickly provide you with an estimate after you provide us with some details about the wind turbine(s) such as their location and number of wind turbines to be observed. We do offer discounts for clients requesting services at scale. Simply request a drone mission and provide the details of your request and we can provide you with a formal cost estimate.

We maintain a fleet of DJI drones. Depending on the specifics of the mission, we may fly a DJI Inspire 2, DJI Matrice 200, or a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The cameras on each drone capture at least 20 megapixel photos and 4K video. We even have infrared drone cameras and 30x zoom drone cameras for use with special applications.

We can typically capture the condition of up to 12 wind turbines in a one day site visit by taking high-resolution photographs and 4K video that we supply to you and your engineers for review.

We will provide you with access to view and download close up photos and video of your wind turbines from multiple views and perspectives which will allow you to assess the condition of your wind turbines without needing a manned climb crew. We will provide as many photos and videos as are needed to sufficiently monitor the condition of your wind turbine(s).

If there is bad/inclement weather on the date of the drone mission we will contact you to reschedule the drone mission.  Rescheduling due to bad/inclement weather is free.

Yes. Every drone pilot has received their license to fly drones from the FAA by receiving their FAA part 107 drone operator license.

We take your data security seriously and we ensure all files and content are secured at all times.

We accept all major payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What You Receive

We provide you with aerial content & data to better assess & document the condition of your wind turbines:

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Simply provide the address of where the drone mission should occur, provide a primary and alternate date and time for the mission, and let us know any other requirements that you may have.
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